DIY: Chair Makeover

Every once in a while I like to stroll through the local Goodwill’s furniture section in search of potential DIY makeover treasures. This past weekend I found two wooden chairs, in great condition, for only 5 dollars a piece. I’ve been wanting to add some funky, bright colored pieces into our living room, and with a couple of brushes and some pretty paints, I knew these chairs could be turned into just what I was looking for. Here is what we did with the first one:

What I used:

  1. 3M medium/coarse all purpose sanding sponge
  2. 3M Painter’s tape (2″)
  3. Bristle and/or foam brushes
  4. Valspar Interior latex multi-purpose primer
  5. Valspar Interior Semi-gloss paint in Aqua Quartz and True Black

STEP 1. Using an all purpose sanding sponge, sand the entire chair to make the surface rougher and easier to adhere to the primer.

STEP 2. Coat the chair with interior latex multi-purpose primer. Let it dry for 5 -10 minutes and then re-coat again.

The primer does not need to be coated perfectly, you just want enough to cover the old color and make a clean slate for your prettier new color.

STEP 3: Apply your new color, starting with the legs.

Paint a second coat to ensure bright and even color.

STEP 4: Since I am painting the back of the chair the same color as the legs, we applied painter’s tape around the hard to reach bottom of the poles, to avoid getting the turquoise paint on the white primer.

Remove the painter’s tape and touch up the hard to reach areas.

STEP 5: Cut out a zigzag pattern on a piece of cardboard, place it on the chair and trace along the pattern with painter’s tape. (You can see the zigzag pattern I used in the bottom right of the photo)

STEP 6: Fill in the zigzag with black paint.

STEP 7: Continue to outline the pattern with painter’s tape across the seat of the chair, and fill in with black paint. Apply two coats.

STEP 8: Once the paint has dried (5 to 10 minutes) remove the tape and touch up any needed areas. Reapply the painter’s tape to ensure smooth and straight edges.

And this is what you will get!

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